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    Garage Door Maintenance

    Have you ever thought what will prevent most garage door problems? Lubing steel parts, adjusting the springs, and aligning the tracks will all give you peace of mind. You will also enjoy peace and quiet too because a regular garage door maintenance reduces noises and keeps parts in excellent condition. And when parts are in tip top shape and slide smoothly, they last for more years and don’t give you any headaches. At Ottawa Garage Door Repair, we have the expertise to maintain any residential electric garage system. From the sensors to the cables, springs, and any component in between, all parts are properly serviced to allow you to use the door and feel safe. So whenever you feel it’s time for an Ottawa garage door maintenance service, call us.Garage Door Maintenance Ottawa

    The difference garage door maintenance makes

    Tracks and sensors get really dirty over months. And debris won’t only keep the door from sliding smoothly but will also compromise your safety. If the photo eyes cannot see an obstruction due to over-accumulated dirt, the reverse system won’t be activated. But this system must also be checked. The door’s balance must be tested. Its force and travel limit must be adjusted. All these tasks are part of our garage door maintenance service in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Once our technicians inspect the door and its parts, they start fixing problems and making adjustments. If we notice that the door doesn’t close perfectly, we continue with garage door troubleshooting. Our intention is to reveal any problem with the parts which might keep the door from performing right. But we don’t only fix particular problems. Our techs take care of any part, remove dirt, lubricate, tighten the fasteners, and check thoroughly the safety features.

    The purpose of our garage door maintenance in Ottawa is to service the electric door so that it will function well. And functional garage doors are safe and don’t cause operational problems. If you trust garage door adjustment, inspection, and the overall routine service of the system to our team every year, your garage environment will be more energy efficient and there won’t be any needs for repairs. Call us now.

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