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    Garage Door Springs Repair

    Trust broken spring repair to our team. If you have any problems with your garage spring system in Ottawa, let us take a look and fix the issue. Don’t put your safety at risk. Ottawa Garage Door Repair is local and offers fast response spring services. We offer affordable repairs and emergency services, and can take care of any matter related to all types of springs. Whether you have extension or torsion springs, galvanized or oil tempered ones, you can ask our help. We offer fast garage door springs repair in Ottawa, ON and are equipped to provide full spring services.

    What do garage door springs need?

    • They need proper installation with the right tools, especially if it comes to torsion spring systems which require the right winding bars
    • Made to last for approximately ten thousand cycles, springs should be replaced before they snap
    • In the meantime, both torsion and extension springs need repairs which mainly include adjustment
    • They also need good lubrication so that they’d move smoothly

    How we can take care of your torsion and extension springs

    For extension and torsion spring repair services depend on our local Ottawa team. We make sure the new springs are installed properly and are tensed enough to move the door, but not tensed enough to keep it from closing down all the way. Since springs rely on their stored energy to lift and lower the door, they lose power every time they work. That’s why our adjustment services are important. We add tension to keep them strong and able to do their job right.
    Our company serves the entire Ottawa residential community in Ontario and helps homeowners in a timely manner. Whenever you want spring repairs and replacement, come to us. Whether the spring is already broken or not, we offer fast garage door spring replacement. Our technicians can supply you with the right spring replacement of the right size to ensure that the new spring system will have enough power to move the door and keep it open. For your Ottawa garage door springs repair requests rely on us.

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